Movement Through Landscape:
Architecture of Rangitoto and Motutapu

Martin Law – Painter of Paradise
6th July – 31st July, 2019. Depot Artspace, Devonport

Movement through landscape is best done on foot.. With every step, the eye level, perspective and composition changes. As you move through landscape, you see sections of views with ever changing light.

About the Exhibition

Martin Law, Painter of Paradise, presents paintings of Rangitoto and Motutapu’s architectural landscapes and maunga. The movement in the landscape of the paintings is intentional, in contrast to the accurate, almost photographic textures and detailing of the weathered architecture. Colours are blended to abstract cubes to be viewed logicially, or as a phenomenon, composing layered monuments to the architecture within.

The detailing of the structures show life, use and wear. They are mouldy, peeled, rusty and weathered.
A side of corrugated iron, breathtaking in it’s weathering of seasons of corrosion, the glorious interior of a woolshed with decades of movement through its lanolin soaked boards and the ever present sea scape, moving throughout the paintings.

The movement is also in the cause, in presenting these original paintings and structures in their Rangitoto and Motutapu landscapes, Martin highlights what is on the other side: the mainland, progress, development, loss, demolition by neglect and the beauty of detail and proportion that we
might overlook. These paintings are part of the relationship of people with this beautiful land, the maunga, the spiritual and physical placement of these mountains in our consciousness and view, separated from us only by a strip of sea.

Against a backdrop of big skies and halted lava flows, the intensity of the landscape burns through his paintings, showing us movement through time, contradictions of progress and what we may forget, if we do not look.